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  Are Africans More Tolerant to Diversity?


[Posted on 01 March 2016]

1 March 2016 within the Global Community was observed such that within the United Nations the #ZeroDiscriminationCampaign was visibilized.

Within the African Continent was a launch of Tolerance In Africa Report AD74 on 'Good Neighbours? Africans Express high levels of tolerance for many, but not for all' in Maputo.

In partnership with Fundação MASC, AfroBarometer released its latest pan-African results on tolerance in 33 African Countries surveyed between 2014 and 2015.

The focus of Afrobarometer's Tolerance Report is on how Africans view people of different religions, other ethnic groups, homosexuals, people living with HIV/AIDS, and immigrants or foreign workers.

"A major exception to Africa’s high tolerance is its strongly negative attitude toward homosexuals. Even so, while the discourse on homosexuality has often painted Africa as a caricature of homophobia, the data reveal that homophobia is not a universal phenomenon in Africa: At least half of all citizens in four African countries say they would not mind or would welcome having homosexual neighbours. Analysis using a tolerance index based on five measures of tolerance points to education, proximity, and media exposure as major drivers of increasing tolerance on the African continent. This is consistent with socialization literature that suggests attitudes and values are not immutable; instead, they can be learned and unlearned."

For The Full Report and related Press Release visit: www.afribarometer.org/publications/tolerance-in-Africa



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