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  Interest Free Study Loan for Survivors of Human Trafficking


[Posted on 30 June 2017]

The volunteer branch of Solidariteit Helpende Hand is named Pearls Out Of Ash, and they have made available an interest-free study loan for survivors of Human Trafficking. The idea is that it will be paid back into the fund once the person starts working, and will then once again be available to help the next person. The requirements are as follows:

1) The person must be a confirmed Victim of Trafficking (they must have the official Letter of Recognition from DSD as per law).
2) They must be referred through a reputable organisation or department working in the counter-trafficking field.
3) The course must be done through an accredited institution.
4) If the person does not complete the studies or if they fail, they will be required to pay back the full amount immediately.

Should you have any questions, wish to clarify the requirement criteria, or wish to assist someone with an application, please contact Elize Bezuidenhout at elize@helpendehand.co.za or on 012 644 4390.



PATRONS: Mr Z. Achmat (Treatment Action Campaign), Sir Elton John and David Furnish (Elton John AIDS Foundation)